Board and Train

Day Training

Do you wish that your dog could be trained by a professional? Have you ever wondered why you just can't get your dog trained without having to find time to do it?

Certified dog trainer Trudi Schoening can train your dog for you or with you!

You will enjoy the experience of returning home to a well trained dog who is also a tired and happy dog after an afternoon of training.

We train your dog for you while you are at work!

We provide report cards after each training session that tells you what your dog has learned, what will be worked on in the next session, and how you can help to maintain the training. At the end of the week Trudi will teach you how these new behaviors were taught and how you can maintain them. Trudi can teach you how to get your dog performing as well for you as he does for her!

Day training sets up owners and dogs to win. Owners reach their goals, and dogs get the help they need. The results you will see in the end of the week training session translate into high levels of compliance. Why? Learning maintenance skills is far easier than training from the ground up because the dog already knows his part and you will be strongly motivated to protect the progress that you are so delighted to see. You will also love the convenience of having the training done during the day while you're at work.

Please call or email for rates.
Please provide proof of current Rabies vaccinations.