Customer Testimonials

Lauren & Marty Bolger and their All American Dog, Brody from Hoffman Estates.

Brody "We loved Trudi! She doesn't just train your dog, she teaches you how to speak on your dog's level. We loved her philosophy; it was comforting to hear that dogs really do want to please you, you just have to show them how. And that we need to set our dog up for success."

"We felt she really personalized the training for Brody. When he wasn't getting certain commands or steps towards that command, it seemed like she'd really seen it all. She'd change up the routine to make things easier for him to get, so he could get his reward and continue towards what we were trying to teach him. And she encouraged us to contact her anytime between sessions OR after the training was complete with questions. I had multiple panicked moments that were quickly made easier by a quick email back from her."

"Trudi is just everything you want a trainer to be. She was helpful, accessible, patient and kind. You can tell she loves what she is doing, and she really helped set the stage for Brody to be an awesome dog."

Anna M. and her children, Adriana and Anthony with their Beagle/Australian Shepard mix, Casey

Colby "My family and I decided to rescue an adult dog as a pet. When we brought Casey home she appeared very nervous around children especially my 3-year-old daughter. She would growl as my daughter would walk past her or even when she went to pet her. Having my son's friend's over seemed out of the question as well. She would growl and bark when any kids would come over."

"The trainer we initially took her to (prior to Golden Companion) basically told me we were out of luck, that there was truth behind the saying that "you can't teach an old dog new tricks", and suggested that we should probably return her before she bit a child. I came across Golden Companion because I was looking for a local "dog whisperer". I was desperate and needed help from a dog behavior specialist and boy did I find one! Trudi was fantastic, honest, and very patient. She uses positive reinforcement which my dog responded very well to. She even learned a couple of neat tricks!"

"After a couple of months of private training with Trudi, Casey responded well and is handling when children are around her. She even goes up to my 3-year-old for a belly rub. We couldn't ask for a better pet for our family and we owe it all to Golden Companion. Without Trudi's help, I believe we would have had to return her to the foster home. Thanks, Trudi!"

Lindsey R. and her American Bull Dog, Skye from Palatine, IL

Lindsey & Skye "Trudi was great with my dog and I learned so much as well, and with what I know I can keep up with the training! There's been a huge turnaround in my dog's behavior and people who knew him from the beginning can't believe he's the same dog. The convenience of her being able to come into my home made it easier for me and more comfortable for my dog. Thanks again for everything you have done for us!"

Len & Rosa S. and their Beagle, Colby from Addison, IL

Colby “We just wanted to let you know that we are very happy with the way Colby has responded to your training techniques. He is a very well behaved and very happy dog. We have been practicing all of the things you showed us and believe it or not, he has responded very positively. Thank you for all your help!!”

Char & John K. and their 2 Greyhounds Gina & Popsy from Hoffman Estates, IL

Gina Popsy “Thank you so much for working with us and our 2 Greyhounds. While Greyhounds make wonderful pets, they can be stubborn in their own way as well. We had asked you to specifically work with us and our Greys on the sit, stay, and recall command as well as teaching our youngest grey to stay with me and not in front of me when leash walking. We were amazed at how easily you worked us and our Greys thru this. After our six sessions they are different dogs. I want to also thank you for the help you provided our daughter with her 2 Greyhounds. The improvement has been exceptional."

Jennifer S. and her German Shepard, Samson and Collie Simba from Schaumburg, IL

”Trudi is a wonderful trainer. Her commitment and dedication to animals is apparent from the second you meet her. She is a wealth of information and it is obvious that she loves what she does and is extremely competent in the training of dogs."

"She helped us turn our big, bouncy German Shepherd Samson, into a well-trained and obedient boy. Now we are proud of him and able to take him to all different places. Trudi helped us fine-tune his obedience skills and we worked hard at taming his behavior when someone came to our front door. She also helped give our Collie pup, Simba some basic puppy obedience, too.

"Trudi’s positive reinforcement techniques and suggestions are both humane and easy to do. The convenience that she offers in coming to your home and working with your dog in familiar surroundings makes the training even better. She was always flexible and worked around our schedules. In short, it was a joy to work with someone so knowledgeable, passionate, and skilled. Golden Companion Dog Training provides wonderful, and reputable dog training. All of our training sessions were productive. I have recommended Trudi to friends and will continue to do so. She’s the best!”

Stacy L. and her Lab/Terrier mix, Madi from Streamwood, IL

Madi "I have used Golden Companion training for dog walking services and puppy school.  Trudi does a great job! I cannot express how happy I am with how good of a walker Madi is, and only at 4 months!  Walks are very enjoyable - best money I have spent in a while!!!"

Giana & Brian B. and their French Bulldog, Sullivan from Schaumburg, IL

Madi "I would highly recommend Golden Companion Dog Training to anybody! Trudi is an amazing trainer! Her training shows that just when you think your dog or puppy won't listen or behave, they will prove you wrong, just like Sullivan did!"

Donna J. and her Australian Sheppard mix Luna-Tick from Schaumburg, IL

Madi "I am extremely pleased and very satisfied with the results of the training as Luna-Tick has a hearing loss. She was able to learn as fast or faster than dogs with total hearing in our group class. I would definitely recommend Golden Companion Dog Training!"